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-eBay Certified Developer. More reliable service, eBay Marketplace(tm) Logo in your newsletters.

- New! You can choose newsletter frequencyDoesn’t have to be weekly anymore. You can choose to have your newsletter sent every 4 weeks, every 3 weeks, every 2 weeks or every week.

- New! RSS Feeds Another way to reach your customers is by offering an RSS feed of your current eBay items.

-Targeted newsletters based on your customers interest. Your customers can enter keywords and the newsletter they receive will show only the items that match those keywords.

-Item images inserted automatically in your newsletters for your Gallery items. Newsletters are more appealing.
See sample here http://www.auctioncontact.net/support/new_newsletter.asp

-Permission based email marketing. Double opt-in (also known as Confirmed opt-in) ensures that only people that want to receive your newsletter actually receive it.

-Items are sorted by start date descending (your most recently placed items appear first). Ensures that the items with lowest bid amounts appear at the top of the newsletter.

-E-Newsletters are automatically generated and sent. Week by week our system generates and sends newsletters
without any user interaction.

-Both HTML and Text-Only email formats. Subscribers can choose email format based on capabilities of their
email client or their own preferences.

-Subscription URL. Short URL you can insert into your email messages that invites recipients to sign-up for
your newsletter.

-HTML subscription forms. Already made subscription forms that you can insert into your web pages so that your
customers can easily sign-up to receive your newsletter.

-Complete subscriber list management interface. You can view, add, and remove subscribers from your subscriber list
with ease and convenience.

-You choose the day on which E-Newsletters are sent. Available choices are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and

-Choice of three different account levels. You can choose Level 1 (maximum of 300 subscribers),
Level 2 (maximum of 2,000 subscribers), and Level 3 (maximum of 5,000 subscribers).

-Free email support. Any questions or problems that you send us are answered the day they
are received (excluding weekends and national holidays).

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