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About AuctionContact LLC

Mission Statement

It is our goal to continuously meet and exceed customer expectations in quality of service, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

About AuctionContact

We are a family owned business dedicated to helping online auction merchants to continually increase their revenues.

After being an eBay member for a few years, I realized that online auction sellers did not have any way of effectively promoting their auctions. That prompted me to compare online auction sellers with traditional store sellers and see what the similarities and differences exist between the two. One difference I found was that traditional stores had a tremendous benefit of high customer loyalty while online auction sellers did not enjoy the same benefit. Then I started thinking about how I could help auction sellers promote their auctions and increase their customer loyalty, and the idea about a sellerís E-Newsletter was born.

I spent a few months developing the software and by early November 2001 we had our first customer. During the following months we received favorable feedback from our users. They liked the service and they were witnessing an increase in repeat sales. We also received comments that indicated that sellerís subscribers also enjoyed receiving the newsletters.

We are constantly working to improve the AuctionContact service. Since our inception in November 2001 we have added a number of new features that only make this service a better one. We also pride ourselves in our ability to closely listen to our customersí suggestions and implementing those suggestions into our service.

Thank you for visiting our web site and thank you for your business!

AuctionContact Team

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