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Customer Spotlight

Welcome to Customer Spotlight!
Increasing the number repeat customers is never easy, especially when using online auctions as a selling channel. Since 2002 AuctionContact has been helping online auctions sellers increase customer loyalty and in turn increase their revenue.

If you are a visitor I hope that the following customer profiles will encourage you to try AuctionContact service. If you are one of our existing users you might benefit from learning how other customers are using our service.

As always, please feel free to contact me at astankovic@auctioncontact.net

All the best,
Alex Stankovic


eBay User Id: saskwatches
eBay status: PowerSeller
eBay feedback: 2270+
Signup for newsletter: http://www.auctioncontact.net/signup.asp?u=saskwatches
Mostly selling in category: Wristwatches
AuctionContact user since: January 2002

AuctionContact: Tell us something about your eBay business.
saskwatches: Been on eBay since 1997. First time I heard about the Americans paying "huge dollars" for Canadian antiques, took over 4 hours to even FIND eBay on the Internet! Screwed up the first user id cause of lack of knowledge...too many complaints! Started fresh in 1998, and never looked back! Started selling fountain pens bought locally, but one day figured out it seemed I had bought them ALL! Threw an old watch on (a gruen curvex I think) and got $400 for it! Started buying every wind up watch on earth, and never stopped! Sold my company in 2000 to the staff, and went full time on eBay. Over 10,000 watches sold since and have seen a lifetimes worth of events since! The crazy, the fun, the rich, the scams, the sincere, the sad the happy and everyone in between!

AuctionContact: How many purchases a week would you say are from your customers who subscribe to your newsletter?
saskwatches: I suspect probably about 10% of my sales come direct from the recurring newsletter. I get a TON of positive feedback on it. IT keeps me in their face!

AuctionContact: Do you feel that publishing your weekly newsletter is increasing your repeat customer sales?
saskwatches: Without question.

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