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What is AuctionContact?

AuctionContact is designed to help you increase auction sales by attracting new customers and increasing customer loyalty.
Traditional brick and mortar merchants have a benefit of relying on existing customers to return and buy their products again and again.

For auction merchants, customer loyalty was something unimaginable until now… AuctionContact brings the benefits of customer loyalty to auction merchants!

How can AuctionContact increase customer loyalty? Simply – by constantly letting your customers know about your merchandise and auctions.

Every week your customers receive your customized newsletter listing your auctions and providing a direct link to each auction.

Most importantly, AuctionContact is affordable, easy to use, and fully automated!

How does it work?

Easy as 1-2-3!

1 You invite your customers/visitors to sign up for your newsletter
2 We send them weekly newsletters summarizing your current auctions
3 You manage your subscriber list

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Audrey's Attic

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    One never knows what hidden treasure awaits you in Audrey's Attic. Some of childhoods fondest memories have been discovered in the corner of an attic or an unopened trunk. I have been a collector of just about anything vintage, interesting and unique for the past 35 years. My favorite pass time is exploring in attics, cellars and old buildings. I also like to frequent countryside auctions and yard sales. In this time, I have stumbled across many hidden treasures. It is my pleasure to pass along some of these treasures to you.

Thank you, Audrey

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